LCM Group

Frederic VitalisFREDERIC VITALIS ● Partner

Frederic is a Partner of LCM group and its COO. After several years in London and in NY as CFO and COO, Frederic is now based in London. Frederic's duties are to oversee operational aspects of the group. Prior to joining LCM, he held the position of Risk Manager at Groupe Caisse D'Epargne. Frederic has a Masters Degree from Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

Alex Colin-JonesALEX COLIN-JONES ● Partner

Alex is a Partner of LCM group and CEO of LCM Hong Kong. Before founding LCM HK, Alexander was co-managing LCM's London-based US cash equities desk. Prior to joining LCM, he was managing an institutional sales desk at Instinet in London. Alex holds a BA degree in French and Spanish from the University of Leeds, in England.

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